• Mitglied seit 19 September 2011

Koken op lokatie,

UmamiArt excellent food entertainment cooking on location

UmamiArt cooking on location is a side-branche of old business, family run restaurant Madras 1960 – -
1980 Willem Roeloffzen, Gordon Bok’'s granddad, was an artist in cooking chef and owner, one of te most
renowned eateries back in the days in Overijssel, The Netherlands.

The creativity and craftsmanship to cook, Gordon is grown up with the Job, and takes you in a ride from
cooking up landscapes, of the surface like the moon, to tell a story behind his dishes, of Gilgamesh and
the giant snake who swallows entire worlds. As hey searches and works together with local home grown
farmers, to establish a healthy diner is ‘Love’ a secret ingredient.

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