1. Anton Ego
    Übersetzen von Nederlands in Deutsch

    It is one of the very few Japanese all you can eat restaurant where you can order sashimi without additional charges. The price is very reasonable. It is highly recommended to all sashimi lovers. However, my biggest concern is the atmosphere of this restaurant. There is no background music in the restaurant and what you hear is the radio/TV that the waitresses and the chef are listening and the noise from people talking. The size of the table for two people is not sufficient for one round order that I found very silly that I have to watch out the balance of all dishes as either they have to be overlapped on each other or "hanging" at the edge of the table. It is ok for group gathering but not recommended for couple who are expecting a romantic date.

    • Essen & Trinken 8
    • Atmosphäre 1
    • Bedienung 1
    • Preis/Qualität 8
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