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    Dear Sir,
    I want to share my disappointment about level o service I experienced today (5th OCT 2015) in your restaurant Gauchos Grill Restaurant, Aert van Nesstraat 99, 3012 Rotterdam.

    We came there at 20.00 with 3 of my colleagues. In fact it was my recommendation as in July we were very frequent guests of yours. Apparently this time was my last one in your restaurant. The problem started as we waited for our order, it took us 1 hour from order to deliver the main course. After approx 25min from ordering, when we finally got the startes, our waiter was not able to give us a bread and was more busy with putting wines into fridge than with us. We had to wait next 30min to get to our main course. We had already asked our waiter where is it and she claimed that we just waited 20min for that course.

    Finally after 1 hour waiting we got our steak; aparently mine was half cold. When manager asked us if it everything is OK I said that my steak is half-cold, she answered why I started to eat it as I should sent it back to make it warm. When I answered her that I waited 1 hours she replied that I waited only 20minutes as she checked. It started the whole conversation. The manager did not want to listen to us, she was in fact quite agressive and arrogant, I have encountered such a behaviour 1st time that the manager of a restaurant is not eager to listen to the client and is interrupting the conversation.

    Well, we asked for a book of complaints but she was not able to provide it - only giving us an email address which I think is fake. After complaining we left the restaurant paying a 160EUR bill with firm commitment not to come there again and to give a bad recommendation to all people from our company that come to Rotterdam to avoid your place. It is the first time I have got such a poor service in the Netherlands and I am really surprised. I feel offended and your manager was not even eager to say me SORRY.

    I will make sure that this opinion is spread with my fellows and on internet forums, so people know what they can expect. Regrets Pawel Kopec

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